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Picture frames

We have years of experience creating beautiful custom picture frames for your photographs and artwork.

Cutting boards

Imperial Fine Woodworking can create custom cutting boards, themed cutting boards and serving trays for you.

Custom woodwork

No project too big or small. We have hand-crafted a selection of beautiful jewelry, keepsake, guitar pick boxes or recipe boxes.


I like to ask myself the question,

“How I can make a project unique so you, the customer, will want to have that item in your home or as a gift for someone you love.” 

Think outside the box or sometimes in my case;


Imperial Fine Woodworking- Built on a strong foundation

Beginning the school year in 1960, one of my classes was Woodshop, where I was introduced to woodworking equipment.  My first project was a small magazine rack which I still have and use to this day. Next project was a step stool, the type you would have in the bathroom or kitchen to step on to reach up to get something out of your reach.  I thoroughly enjoyed taking paper and drawing to scale a project that would layout finished project to be made of wood.  The next semester I had woodshop again and was approached by the shop teacher, Mr. Nish that he saw that I had an eye for detail in designing and building my projects.  He asked me if I had given any thought to what I would like to build?  I told him I would like each semester to build another piece of bedroom furniture and keep doing this until I completed high school. So, with his guidance in critiquing the blueprints, I built a night table, a chest of drawers, a corner table, and a lamp.  I explained to Mr. Nish that when my high school was completed, and I ventured out into the work world I would have my own furniture. To this day I still have the nightstand and one of my sons the chest of drawers.  

Throughout the years I have built many items and now Imperial Fine Woodworking is designing and building picture frames for an art gallery as well as the general public, themed cutting boards, cheese serving trays, jewelry/keepsake boxes, themed recipe boxes and other projects that I find interesting and unique.

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How can I make this item different and unique?

Imperial Fine Woodworking

We Have Been Building Since 1960

I do a lot of research on what I’m going to make and when I locate an item that intrigues me, I study it and ask myself, “How can I make this item different and unique and a product you the customer would like to own?” 

The materials that will be used must be of top quality and care must be taken to ensure a top-notch result.

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